BIDALTEC srls is a young and dynamic international engineering firm, specialized in green and renewable technologies for new buildings or in the revamping of the existing applied in residential, business and industry sector.

In particular our know-how and strength are:

  • Solar thermal collector
  • Photovoltaic (mono and poly crystalline, amorphous) used in roof, light wing system, on ground and carports
  • Hybrid solar thermal/photovoltaic system
  • Heat pumps with air, ground, water and natural gas heat sources
  • Solar cooling
  • Micro-cogeneration
  • Home automation/domotics
  • LED technology

Our mission is to support and our clients all along the development as the unique reference or in a professional co-operation with architectural firm and installer. We use the most modern informatics solution and a continue update in Standards to offer to our clients the best quality/cost ratio.

Our idea is that every project have a unique features so we developed considering that a modern building have to had a perfect integrated building-service design, solved all of the problematic before start the yard and define the timing. The steps of a engineering design are:

  • Preliminary study
  • Executive design
  • Work direction (also for safety co-ordination)
  • Test of the system
  • Energy Building Certification

BIDALTEC srls also offer a direct product buy to our clients for photovoltaic system, solar thermal collector, LED, heat pumps, to reduce the cost of a plant.